Display Dogs for Parties and Events

Need some canine company for your party or event? Our dogs have performed at many different functions including art installations, shows and children's parties. Scroll down to see a few examples.

If you are considering a dog-related display, please Contact Me for further information.

You will also need to read the Terms and Conditions and complete the Booking Form.

Art Installation:

Brandy was selected for Art Night London, as part of Nina Beier's work: Anti-Ageing.

She took the part of a dog playing its own death within a tableau that represented living still life.  The stage was a model of a luxury show apartment by developer St Edward at 190 Strand.

Anti-Ageing created a situation in which the everyday actions of living beings and organic materials become markers of time, interwoven into the static setting of a luxury apartment. It was originally commissioned by the Swiss Institute as part of Performa 15, with the support of the Danish Arts Foundation, curated by Laura McLean-Ferris.  

Book Launch:


Rebel, Ace, William and Betty were invited to perform tricks at a book launch:  'A Dog with Nice Ears' by Lauren Child.

They displayed a variety of tricks to a delighted audience. The following was reported after the event: 


'They say you should never work with children and animals. Well, we worked with both at a recent children’s book launch and it was a huge success. The dog display was a terrific talking point and there were plenty of delighted ‘ooh!’s and ‘aaah!’s throughout. Highly recommended and even more highly enjoyable.'




We have participated in different workshops for kids and for schools, during which children have the chance to learn all about dog tricks and how you teach a dog. 


It is always amazing to see how childrens' confidence grows as they begin to understand dogs.


This type of workshop is suitable for children from age 4 upwards. 




Fun Dog Shows; Charity Events; Fetes:


I can provide a team of trick dogs together with their handlers for displays, including demonstrations during fun dog shows and village fetes. People love to watch dogs doing tricks!


My team will require notice so that they are able to practice their routines together. If you want to book a display for your annual fete or show, please plan in advance and don't leave it until the last minute!


I can also provide a hands-on 'Have a Go'  arena so that visitors can try tricks with their own dogs.



Children's Parties

I can provide trick displays for children's parties and other celebrations.  I have produced some guidelines regarding what is required in terms of working conditions. Please Contact Me in order to discuss, and download the Booking Form for more information. 

I am based in the South East of England, therefore please look at the map below to see if you are within reach.

I would expect to bring two to three dogs for the purpose of providing tricks at a  childrens' party. It is possible for some of the children to 'have a go' themselves, but I have strict guidelines on the number of children interacting with the dogs at the same time. 

Please view the location map below to see if your venue is within reach.

Some parties take place in private homes, indoors or within gardens. Others take place in a hall or hired venue. I have also performed on the croquet lawn of a country house hotel! Wherever the venue, I need enough space for the dogs to feel unrestricted when they are doing tricks.

Please read the Booking Form and Contact Me for information.

Typical tricks performed at birthday parties include jumping through hoops; tiding away toys; stacking cups; pushing a trolley, riding a skateboard, pressing a buzzer, ringing a bell, playing catch and many more.

It's a good idea to do several short sessions of tricks during a party, in order to hold the children's attention.

We ask that the birthday food is put aside while the tricks are being performed. Some of our dogs are very greedy! 

If you have any special requests for a themed party, please do  Contact me to discuss. Please also read the Booking Form for information.

Party Locations:

If you are interested in booking a party, please check that the party location is approximately within the area bounded by the red line.  If not, please Contact Me in order to discuss

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