Magic Pooch/Pet Awards. Terms and Conditions

  1. Any dogs can take part from 6 months onwards. Most types of pet can take part, but please do contact me first so that I can approve its suitability. 
  2. Any breed can take part (should the trick not be suitable for your breed, tricks can be changed after agreement)
  3. Force free training is a must. If your dog/pet looks unhappy, fearful or shows any signs of being stressed (for dogs: ears low, tail tucked between legs, avoiding handler/situation, yawing, whale eye) the certificate will not be awarded.
  4. Only positive methods accepted (no corrections, choke chains, electric collars or physical punishment)
  5. Tricks can be shown on a verbal or visual cue (or both)
  6. Rewards should be given after the trick is performed
  7. No luring for any of the levels (if you still need to lure your dog/pet then he/she is not ready to perform the trick on a cue)
  8. The cue should not be given more than three times
  9. Handler and dog/pet must be clearly seen
  10. Clear videos with enough light
  11. No music and no mute (need to hear the cue)
  12. Entry Fee: £25 per level/per dog/pet
  13. You will receive a written evaluation with the certificate and trophy should you pass.
  14. If something wasn’t quite there yet you have 3 months to improve the trick/s.
  15. Have fun and enjoy!   
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