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Fun Trick Dog Training

About me

My name is Kathleen and I am a Certified Trick Dog Instructor (CTDI) based in East Sussex.


I teach tricks using a clicker and with positive reinforcement only. Teaching tricks is a great way to bond with your dog!


My aim is to see happy, healthy dogs and to put a smile on their owners face.


I believe that every dog, no matter what size, breed or age can learn tricks and my two dogs are the proof! 



I was born in Germany and moved to the UK in 2002. The first 2 years I spent in North Yorkshire where I completed my basic obedience dog training course.

In August 2012 I was awarded with my Trick Dog Instructor Certification (CTDI).

I have also passed the competency assessment programme CAP1, CAP2 & CAP3 with Learning About Dogs with distinction.

I also enjoy scentwork with the dogs and in June 2015 I became an accredited Fun Scent Games Instructor (FSG1) with Dog Nostics.

I am keen on understanding how to keep dogs fit and healthy and therefore booked my place at the FitPaws Master Trainer course in December 2015 which I completed with a closed book exam and 3 case studies and passed everything with a score of 99.9%! I became a FitPaws Master Trainer (FP-MT) in April 2016. As part of the FitPaws Master Trainer course I have completed and passed the Certified Canine Fitness Trainer with the University of Tennessee in April 2017 and earned the credentials CCFT. If you are interested in Fitness for your dog - get in touch!  


I always had dogs and other animals around and enjoyed training them.  


My first dog was a German Spitz (mittel), followed by a German Shepherd, a terrier cross and a Dachshund/Jack Russell cross. I currently have a Jack Russell and an Irish Setter/English Springer Spaniel cross, both from rescue organisations.

My Achievements & Courses



-> Sept/Oct 2003 - Basic Obedience Dog Training course at Askham Bryan College York with Christine Stansfield



-> Oct/Nov 2011 - The Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Bronze course at Shoreham Ringcraft Club with Kate Popple (with Brandy)




-> Jan/June 2012 - The Kennel Club Citizen Dog Silver course at Seaford & District Dog Training Club with Sue Gimple (with Brandy)


-> Aug 2012 - Trick Dog Instructor with 'Do more with your dog' Kyra Sundance


-> Aug 2012/Jan 2013 The Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Gold course at Seaford & District Dog Training Club with Diane Costanzo (with Brandy)




-> Jan 2013 Pet First Aid and Behavioural course which covered:

* Pet First Aid 

* Responsible pet ownership & The Law
* Reading body language - for the dog & cat
* Positive training / Non confrontational methods
* Preventing a bite
* Introducing a muzzle
* Sexual / Social maturity & potential problems
* preventing injuries - taking into account age, activities, medical conditions
* Preventing illness - preventative medicine and parasite control.


-> Jan/March 2013 - The Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Bronze course at Seaford & District Dog Training Club with Alison Burgess (with Max)


-> April/June 2013 - The Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Silver course at Seaford & District Dog Training Club with Sue Gimple (with Max)


-> October 2013/February 2014 - The Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Gold course at Seaford & District Dog Training Club with Sue Gimple (with Max)




-> March 2014 - Competency Assessment Program level 1 (CAP1) Learning About Dogs with DISTINCTION assessed by Helen Philips

* Basic skills of handling the rewards, clicker, lure and target stick/hand

* The trainer's ability to communication with the dog without coercion, their observation and decision making skills

* Trainers would be expected to be able to add cues to behaviours and have shaped and lured


-> April 2014 - Competency Assessment Program level 2 (CAP2) Learning About Dogs with DISTINCTION assessed by Helen Philips

*Trainer’s ability to secure a solid foundation in achieving a consistent quality

* Reliability to cue and develop more complex behaviours in free shaping

-> April 2014 - Introduction to Canine Massage Therapy workshop

* Benefits of massage
* What's under your dog's skin
* Bony landmarks & main muscle groups
* Massage techniques
* Passive movement
* Massage routine


-> July 2014 - Scent 1 workshop with Talking Dogs Scentwork with Pam Mackinnon

* Introduction to scentwork

* Learn the basics

* Introduced to a specific scent (with active indication)

* Learn about the scent picture, basic handling skills

* Free searching and blind searches




-> March 2015 - Scent 2 workshop with Talking Dogs Scentwork with Helen Greenley

* Concentrates on handling skills

* Introducing directed searches and search patterns

* Increase the challenge of the searches, including changes of height, duration of the search and multiple or zero finds


-> April 2015 - Dog First Aid course with First Aid for Dogs with Sarah Russell

* The vet and your role in first aid

* Keeping your pet safe in an emergency & car accidents

* Dog proofing your home

* How dogs show pain & checking your dogs health

* Breathing and respiratory problems including choking

* Dog CPR and drowning, Shock

* Broken bones, spinal injury and moving an injured dog

* Controlling bleeding, dressings & bandages incl ear & tail    

* Paw problems, ears, eyes and mouth

* Illnesses, poisoning, bites and stings

* Burns and temperature related problems

* Seizures and epilepsy

* Dealing with the older dog, puppies and young animals


-> June 2015 Fun Scent Games level 1 Instructor Certification Program with DogNostics career college assessed by Angelica Steinker


-> July 2015 - Competency Assessment Program level 3 (CAP3) Learning About Dogs with DISTINCTION assessed by Helen Philips

* Chaining & merging behaviours

* Shaping complex behaviours

* Collect data and analyse learning results (written)


-> September 2015 - 1 day Seminar about anxieties, fears and phobias in the domestic dog with Canine Studies College. Seminar delivered by Dean Hart MCFBA, MTGoDT, AABP, one of the UK's Leading Behaviour Experts.


-> October 2015 - 2 full days at Clicker Expo

*Concept Training (advanced) with Ken Ramirez
*Clean Training Skills with Kay Laurence
*Deconstructing Behaviors (advanced) with Emily Larlham
*Operant & Classical Conditioning with Kathy Sdao
*Oops! What to do when mistakes happen with Ken Ramirez
*Reliability, Thy Name is Back-Chaining (advanced) with Cecilie Koste


-> November 2015 - Scent 3 workshop with Talking Dogs Scentwork with Helen Greenley

* Skill builder level and build on the use of search patterns, the searches become longer, thresholds smaller

* Scented articles inside items inside other items requires your team to work more accurately and efficiently

* On lead searches such as baggage and postal sacks


-> November 2015 - TV and Film Masterclass level 1 one day workshop with Sally Merchant (


-> December 2015 - Scent 5 workshop with Talking Dogs Scentwork with Helen Greenley

* Skills through multiple finds, blank searches and declaring the search area clean

* Preparation for Scent 6 and working towards accreditation


-> December 2015 - 3 days Fit Paws Master Trainer Program

* Canine Exercise Anatomy (ASSESSMENT)

* Correct Canine Fitness Exercise Form (TECHNIQUE)  

* Canine Behavior Modification through Exercise (BEHAVIOR)

* Develop Specific Canine Exercise Programs (PROGRAM DESIGN)

* Canine Equipment Guidelines (EQUIPMENT)




-> February 2016 - Online Academies Diploma in Animal Psychology passed with DISTINCTION at College Guild of Graduates Register and achieved credentials O.A. Dip. (Animal Psychology)


-> April 2016 - successfully finished case studies for FitPaws Master Trainer and passed with 99.9%

and achieved credentials FP-MT


-> June 2016 - Introduction of real Dog Yoga with Carrie-Anne Selwyn (member of IMDT)


-> June 2016 - Scent 4 environmentals workshop with Talking Dogs Scentwork

* Searching in new environments

* Search steam trains, Maglev, and a variety of challenging outdoor areas


-> July 2016 - Rally Working Trails 2 day workshop with John Rogerson

* Brandy passed the Bronze test with 130/130 points

* Brandy passed the Silver test with 125/130 points


-> September 2016 - Beginner Gundog workshop with Collette Urquhart (with School4dogs)

* Different core exercises which when put together and built up over time will create a great gundog for either competition, to work or just to have a very well-trained pet.

* Many of the different things that are important to be a good gundog are also very desirable in a pet dog.

* These things include; a fantastic recall; an emergency stop; calm in a highly distracting environment; control when they are off lead; walk nicely on and off lead; to retrieve an item and bring it back to hand every time and only when asked by you.


-> October 2016 - Do as I do 2 day workshop with Claudia Fugazza

* Dogs will learn new behaviours by observing and imitating their owners

* How to teach dogs the “imitation rule” and how to progress through the training protocol

* The owner will be able to teach new behaviours to their dogs, simply by showing them what to do. These new actions will be then put under verbal cue.

* Cognitive abilities implied in imitation and in this training technique, which is the first training method based on dog’s social cognitive skills




-> February 2017 - Cognitive Skills 2 day workshop with Kay Atwood

What is Cognitive Thinking?
Cognitive development is the ability to think and understand. It is the part of the brain responsible for problem solving, processing information, conceptual learning, perceptual skills, memory, creativity and brain development using cognitive psychology.

This isn’t just any old ‘Match and Sample’ workshop. We’ll be concentrating on Visual, Audio, Scent and Sensual skills, to really stretch you and your dogs ability to work as a team and problem solve. The attached videos are a very small fragment of what can be achieved with cognitive skills.


-> April 2017 - CCFT Certified Canine Fitness Trainer with the University of Tennessee.




-> January 2018 - 1 day Seminar about anxieties, fears and phobias in the domestic dog with Canine Studies College. Seminar delivered by Dean Hart MCFBA, MTGoDT, AABP, one of the UK's Leading Behaviour Experts.


-> January 2018 - Scent 1 workshop with Talking Dogs Scentwork with Alison Mercer worked Bea 


-> February 2018 - Interactive Play workshop with Craig Ogilvie worked Bea and Rebel


-> April 2018 - 2 days Wag it games workshop with Pauline Jackson, worked Bea and Rebel 

*Shadow games 

*Obstacle games 

*Sniff it 

*Dog ball 


-> May 2018 - 2 days TV & Film workshop with trainer Bryony Cole and Corinne Wrend from Eye2Eye dog training, worked Rebel 





-> July 2018 - 2 days Dog Parkour Instructor course with founders Karin and Abigail, worked Bea and Rebel 


-> October 2018 - 5 days Force Free Trick Trainer workshop with Nando Brown and Dean Nicholas 

*Taking data and improving teaching skills 

*Planning a training session

*Practical sessions 

*Basic and complex training principles and to help polish trainers mechanical skills and knowing when and how to apply them 

*ABCs, operant and classical conditioning


-> November 2018 - passed my Dog Parkour Instructor and Force Free Trick Trainer 


-> November 2018 - 4 weeks course Polite Pets at the vets with Julie Hilliard from Puppy School Hastings and Nicky Diver-Clarke from Your Pet Nurse Hastings 





-> May 2019 - 2 days Hoopers workshop  




My Dogs Achievements

    * *News* *






            Trick Dog Displays & stalls


  • 12th of May 2019 Barking Mad's Charity Family Fun Dog Show, Battle 
  • 29th June 2019 Raystede Summer Fair, Ringmer, BN8 5AJ 




  • More infos soon

Certified Dog Parkour Instructor with the International Dog Parkour Association since November 2018 

Force Free Trick Trainer since November 2018

CCFT - Certified Canine Fitness Trainer since July 2017 


since April 2016

Fun Scent Games Intructor since June 2015

Proud member of The Pet Professional Guild British Isles.

I am a registered instructor with Dog A.I.D. (Assistance in Disability),

Dog A.I.D. is a registered charity that helps people with physical disabilities train their own dogs. 

I am a member of Talking Dogs Scentwork



We have done some television/model work for:


- BBC (Game show, Sport Relief's Top Dog, Brandy)

- Thinkbox (advert Doggy Auditions during Britains Got Talent, Brandy & Max) 

- Featureone (Cannes Film Festival, Max, short film with Ewen MacIntosh)

- SKY1 (Dog trainer for Dogs might fly)

- CO-OP Insurance (advert Puppy love, Brandy)

- Beco dog supplies (photoshoot 2016)

- ITV (The Next Great Magician) Brandy as Houndini with comedy magicians Young & Strange, Episode 1

- RTL Spektakulaer (documentary about Dogs might fly)

- Channel 5 (Britain's Cleverest Dog)

- PetFace advert 2018 with Rebel

- Company of animals (modelling muzzle, target stick, harness and head collar, shotoshoot 2018) with Rebel

- Julius Baer advert 2018 with Rebel

- JML dog toy photoshoot 2018 with Rebel

- Gtech photo shoot 2018 with Rebel

- Hive advert 2018 with Rebel

- Bayer photo shoot 2018 with Rebel

- Rover photo shoot 2018 with Bea 


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