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My name is Kathleen Tepperies, a Certified Trick Dog Instructor (CTDI). I was born in Germany and moved to the UK in 2002. I teach tricks and everything else that comes with it, using modern ,kind, science and reward based methods. 

Teaching tricks helps to prevent problems and is a great way to build a bond between you and your dog! A verbal marker such as 'yes' or a clicker will be used and food, toys and affection as rewards.  My aim is to see happy, healthy dogs and to put a smile on your face.


Dogs love to get involved in new activities and I believe that every dog, no matter what size, breed or age, given enough time with the right approach, can learn new things. I have witnessed many different types of dogs making joyful progress as their owners learn to communicate with them. 


Although based in East Sussex (UK) and with classes taking place near Heathfield, I also host weekly Zoom sessions.

My trick training members therefore live all over the world!


Scroll down if you would like to read about my own dogs, past and present!

Qualifications and Achievements

I love dogs and have studied for professional qualifications in addition to undertaking many different training programmes, courses and workshops. 


In addition to my CTDI award, I have trained in the following:

  • Competency Assessment Programme Levels 1, 2, 3 (CAP, clicker training with Learning About Dogs)
  • Fun Scent Games Instructor (DogNostics) 
  • FitPaws Master Trainer
  • Certified Canine Fitness Trainer (University of Tennessee) 
  • Dog Parkour Instructor (Internationl Dog Parkour Association)  
  • Dog First Aid
  • Online Academies Diploma in Animal Psychology
  • Canine Body Language Instructor (Dog Training College)
  • Force Free Trick Trainer (The School of Canine Science)  
  • Animal Actor Evaluator (Do More with your Dog) 


I have attended many workshops and courses, including covering the following topics:

  • Obedience
  • Separation anxiety
  • Anxieties, fears and phobias
  • Kennel Club Good Citizen Scheme
  • Canine massage
  • TV and film masterclasses
  • Dog yoga
  • Rally working trials
  • Gundog workshops
  • Do As I Do, imitation workshop
  • Cognitive skills
  • Games workshops
  • Hoopers
  • Dog Law

My Dogs


My first dog was Dixie, a German Spitz (Mittel).


I was about 12 years old when I looked after Dixie.


She was not my very own, but I spent every day with her, cleaned her kennel, took her for walks and fed her. 





Dixie had two litters of pups and I always made sure she was warm enough, happy and healthy. It was a very positive experience, and I loved it!





Then there was Rex, a German Shepherd. 


We got him as a puppy and he grew into a very handsome boy. I remember everyone stopping me to say hello and to greet him. 



Rex was very intelligent. He learned the basics very quickly and walked off lead most of the time.


Unfortunately we weren't able to keep him for very long. However, I visited him at his new owners and took him out for walks regularly. 


Then came Mary, our family dog who was a terrier cross.


Mary was born at the local rescue centre and she was a typical terrier who liked to bark a lot!




Mary knew all her toys by name. No matter what you asked her to bring, she got it for you!, 

She was a fun dog to have and it was a sad day when, at the age of 12, she had to be put to sleep due to ill health. 



Max came from the same rescue centre as Mary. He was a Dachshund/Jack Russell cross and had been found wandering in the woods on his own. He was about three years old and wasn't used to living indoors. It took him a while to settle in, but he soon became a much loved friend.


He moved to the UK when he was 14 and settled in very well. He knew both German and English languages!





Max loved learning new things, even when he was elderly. He gained his Trick Dog Champion title with ease, proving that an old dog certainly can learn new tricks! Max also played a main role alongside Ewen MacIntosh in the short film 'Happy Days'.




Brandy was a remarkable Irish Setter/English Springer Spaniel cross. She came from Allsorts Dog Rescue Centre in West Sussex, just before her sixth birthday.


Despite the fact that all she knew was 'sit', she started learning tricks as soon as I got her. She went on to achieve the highest level trick dog title, Trick Dog Champion, and passed with an A+


Brandy won around 30 'best trick' prizes at fun dog shows and was one of the finalists for the Crufts Factor. We performed three minutes of our tricks at Discover Dogs in London. She also performed her tricks as the magic dog in the ITV show 'The next great Magician'.  






Brandy knew more than 250 tricks in total - learning meant playing for her. 

She is very much missed. Brandy is the reason for what I do today and, together with Max, is in my Fun Trick Dog Training logo. 




Rebel (Jack Russsell) and Bea (Collie cross) are both rescue dogs and they love learning new things.  They are 'busy', active dogs and have achieved the highest level trick dog award - Trick Dog Grand Champion.


They have appeared on TV in various advertisements and films - particularly Rebel, with his handsome good looks, bidable nature and constantly wagging tail! He also holds the Guinness World Record for the fastest stacking of plastic cups by a dog! 




The Poms you might see on my Facebook page don't belong to me but I do train them for TV and film work. Pomeranians have big personalities!   

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