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Fun Trick Dog Training

magic pooch awards

Magic Pooch Awards are trick certificates you can achieve with your dog. 3 levels and 1 special for seniors only.



Each letter in Magic Pooch Awards is a category.




M outh Target Tricks

A gility

G ames

I ntelligent Tricks

C oordination


P aw Tricks

O bedience

O ther Tricks

C hain Tricks

H ead Tricks


A ny Fitness Tricks

W ater/Snow Tricks

A ction/Moves

R oll and Nose Tricks

D istance

S cent



List of tricks for all levels


Magic Pooch Awards (16 tricks per level)


Mouth Target Tricks

L1 – pull something (rope, socks, zip, jumper, shoe laces, trousers etc) / pick up something (from the ground or hand) / honk a bike horn just 1 required


L2 – hold anything for 3 seconds (card, toy, cup, straw etc) / catch something / steal something out of someone’s pocket or bag just 1 required


L3 – hold anything for 5 seconds while moving (walk another dog, carry an object, retrieve, a toy) / paint with a paintbrush / hold anything and show 1 trick for 5 seconds  just 1 required



L1 – jump (through hoop, over obstacle, over arm or leg, from platform to platform jump etc) just 1 required


L2 – tunnel / through a set of chairs / jump through a paper covered hoop just 1 required


L3 – weave poles/ rolling hoop dive / double hoop around the handler / double hoop jump (through 2 hoops held by both hands) just 1 required



L1 – Hide and seek / which hand holds the treat just 1 required


L2 – Muffin tin game/ any other brain games / sniffle mat just 1 required


L3 – Memory game (with 3 identical buckets or pots) / pull a dog biscuit on a string from under something using paw or mouth)  just 1 required


Intelligent Tricks

L1 – Remember, identify 2 objects by name / find the middle out of 5 objects  just 1 required  


L2 – Read 3 words / find the large object out of 3 (2 small and 1 large, should be the same objects)  just 1 required 


L3 – Find the match with 3 objects /  any 2 tricks while handler stands with back to the dog  just 1 required 



L1 – Walk on beam, plank or similar (min 3 meter) / cavalettis / ladder just 1 required 


L2 – Ride the skateboard for min 3 meter (with 2 or 3 paws on board) / push a shopping trolley / push a ball, peanut or barrel / back up 3 meter just 1 required 


L3 – Hind feet target (both hind feet on a raised target) / stand on raised platform with hind feet and even higher with front paws / perch work (elephant trick) / pee like a boy  just 1 required 



Paw Tricks

L1 – Hi5,Hi10/ give paw either side / close a door with 1 or 2 paws / wave  just 1 required


L2 – Hold an item with paw (umbrella, toy flower etc) / touch a raised item with paw (hanging bell etc) / wipe paws / touch bell or buzzer / hug just 1 required 


L3 – Cross paws (left or right or both) / cover eyes in any position / play the piano  just 1 required 



L1 – Sit / down / stand just 1 required 


L2- Drop it, give / walk nice on lead just 1 required 


L3 – Stay for 3 min with distraction / walk on heel with automatic stop & sit when handler stops / recall pass food just 1 required     


Other Tricks

L1 – Body check (with paws up on wall) / turn a page of a book (paw or with nose) just 1 required     

L2 - Any captured behaviour such as speak, sneeze, shake, kisses, growl, tongue, sing, howl / balance treat or toy on nose and catch / just 1 required    


L3 – Chin target on hand or object/ steal a hat from someone’s head just 1 required     


Chain Tricks

L1 – Sit, down & stand (cued individually but just one reward) / basketball / say your prayers / kennel up with closing door  just 1 required    


L2 – Go hide behind something (wall, tree, hedge etc) for min 3 seconds / hide in a box or suitcase for min 3 seconds / bring tissue & put in a bin / sleepy (retrieve pillow and put head down) just 1 required     


L3- Put items in a peal bin (minimum two items with one reward) / tidy toys (min 3) and close the toy box / roll yourself in a blanket / ring toss (min 3 rings) just 1 required  


Head Tricks

L1- Balance item on head for min 3 seconds / stalk (look at something for min 3 seconds) just 1 required     


L2- Hide head under pillow for minimum 3 seconds / head down (on ground) / girl or boy (dog looks between their front legs)  just 1 required     


L3- Look left and right beside, in the middle or in front of handler / nod / shake head just 1 required     


Any Fitness Tricks

L1- Paws up on slightly raised item for min 5 seconds / kick back stand from sit (front paws need to stay in position) / down to stand just 1 required     


L2- Stand on a wobble board or similar for 5 seconds / sit pretty (beg) for 5 seconds / give paw (left & right) in stand for 5 seconds each just 1 required   


L3- Stand on two different balance disks or wobble boards for 5 seconds / stand with hind feet on two paw pods (bricks or similar) and front feet on balance disc or wobble board for 5 seconds /  sit to stand on an incline (on a board which is inclined) 3 times sit 3 times stand on both variations just 1 required     


Water/Snow Tricks

L1 – Retrieve item from water / treat from water bowl / drop rubber duck (or similar) in water just 1 required       


L2- Catch a snowball or ice cube / retrieve a little bucket with water or ice cubes at least 2 meter without spilling / a trick of your choice with a little bucket of water or ice cubes  just 1 required      


L3- Blow bubbles in a water bowl / push ice cube into ‘goal’ / any trick in shallow water just 1 required     



L1 – Spin circles (left or right or both) / take a bow / peekaboo  just 1 required     


L2 – Play dead / figures of 8’s / roll over / crawl just 1 required     


L3- Backwards around handler / limp / switch hips / Spanish steps (walking or stationary) handler next to dog or in front just 1 required     


Roll and Nose Tricks

L1- Roll out carpet, towel, blanket with nose / smelly shoes (nose in shoe for min 2 seconds) / touch hand or target stick just 1 required     


L2- Push ball at least 3 times (with 1 reward) / close a door with nose / volleyball / tell me a secret (nose against handlers ear) for min 3 seconds just 1 required    


L3- Naughty corner for at least 5 seconds / through a hoop on the ground / make a face (nose against window) to show teeth just 1 required          



L1 – Any 2 tricks 2 meters away 


L2 - Any 2 tricks 3 meters away


L3 – Any 3 tricks 5 meters away



L1 – Find hidden treats anywhere indoors / find favourite toy indoors just 1 required     


L2 – Flower pot search with 3 pots and 1 item or treat / find a treat or toy outside just 1 required       


L3 – Search 5 boxes for 1 item or 1 treat / search 3 people for a treat or item / find the keys just 1 required     


New! Magic Puppy Award


Demonstrate 16 tricks from the list below to gain your Puppy Award.
Puppys should not be older than 18 months.


Nose touch to hand (no duration), sit, down, go around an object, peekaboo,

paws up on object, spin circles, give paw, muffin tin game, find hidden treats,

stay (10 seconds), up on low platform, recall, walk on loose lead, 3 hand signals,

catch a treat or item, leave it, tunnel, go under an item, fetch an item,

drop/give item, watch me (5 seconds), chin target (5 seconds), target stick,

go in a box, get the treat from under the basket, wobble board,

paw target raised or ground (bell, buzzer, lights etc), take a treat gently, go in your crate.

Magic Pooch Awards Terms & Conditions:


  1. Any dogs can take part from 6 months onwards
  2. Any breed can take part (should the trick not be suitable for your breed, tricks can be changed after agreement)
  3. Force free training is a must. If your dog looks unhappy, fearful or shows any signs of being stressed (ears low, tail tucked between legs, avoiding handler/situation, yawing, whale eye) the certificate will not be awarded.
  4. Only positive methods accepted (no corrections, choke chains, electric collars or physical punishment)
  5. Tricks can be shown on a verbal or visual cue (or both)
  6. Rewards should be given after the trick is performed
  7. No luring for any of the levels (if you still need to lure your dog then he/she is not ready to perform the trick on a cue)
  8. The cue should not be given more than three times
  9. Handler and dog(s) must be clearly seen
  10. Clear videos with enough light
  11. No music and no mute (need to hear the cue)
  12. Entry Fee: £25 per level/per dog
  13. You will receive a written evaluation with the certificate and trophy should you pass.
  14. If something wasn’t quite there yet you have 3 months to improve the trick/s.
  15. Have fun and enjoy!      



Magic Pooch Awards achievers


January 2016 - Spidey (Golden Oldie)

February 2016 - Emmely (Level 1)

March 2016 - JayJay (Level 1)

March 2016 - Toffee (Level 1)

April 2016 - Emma (Level 1)

May 2016 - Lina (Level 1)

June 2016 - Axis (Level 1 & Level 2)

July 2016 - Emmely (Level 2), Pina (Level 1), Bella (Level 1)

August 2016 - Axis (Level 3), Spidey (Level 1 & Level 2), Ruby (Level 1), Pablo (Level 1), Ruby (Level 2)

September 2016 - Lina (Level 2), Diora (Magic Pet Award), Capriccio (Magic Pet Award), Cecco (Level 1)

October 2016 - Emmely (Level 3)  

November 2016 - Marouschka (Magic Pet Award)

January 2017 - Betty (Level 1), Alexis (Magic Pet Award)

February 2017 - Betty (Level 2) 

March 2017 - Pablo (Level 2)

July 2017 - Ruby (Level3)

November 2017 - Nellie (Level 1)

December 2017 - Nellie (Level 2)

January 2018 - Emma (Level 2)

April 2018 - Gracie (Level 1), Oscar (Level 1)

June 2018 - Gracie (Level 2), Oscar (Level 2)

August 2018 - Gracie (Level 3)

December 2018 - Rio (Level 1)

February 2019 - Rio (Level 2)

April 2019 - Gabby (Level 1), Bailey (Level 1), Archie (Level 1)

May 2019 - Gizmo (Level 1), Bramble (Level 1)

June 2019 - Bramble (Level 2), Stanley (Level 1)

August 2019 - Faith (Level 1), Bramble (Level 3)

September 2019 - Faith (Level 2), Lina (Golden Oldie)

October 2019 - Archie (Level 2)

March 2020 - Cooper (Level 1)

May 2020 - Sunny (Level 1)

August 2020 - Lola (Level 1)

September 2020 - Tuppance (Level 1), Inddy (Level 1), Nico (Level 1)

October 2020 - Sunny (Level 2 & 3), Lola (Level 2), Inddy (Level 2), Nico (Level 2), Tuppance (Level 2)  






    * *News* *

Completed and passed the COVID19 Risk Aware Trainer course


****ZOOM classes are on Tuesdays and Wednesdays****






           Trick Dog Displays & stalls

  • June at Raystede (more infos to come)



  • Trick workshop at the Wessex K9 Fun Activity week in Oakhill Radstock nr Bath 

Canine Body Language Instructor with the Dog Training College since July 2020

Certified Dog Parkour Instructor with the International Dog Parkour Association since November 2018 

Force Free Trick Trainer since November 2018

CCFT - Certified Canine Fitness Trainer since July 2017 


since April 2016

Fun Scent Games Intructor since June 2015

Proud member of The Pet Professional Guild British Isles.

I am a member of Talking Dogs Scentwork



We have done some television/model work for:


- BBC (Game show, Sport Relief's Top Dog, Brandy)

- Thinkbox (advert Doggy Auditions during Britains Got Talent, Brandy & Max) 

- Featureone (Cannes Film Festival, Max, short film with Ewen MacIntosh)

- SKY1 (Dog trainer for Dogs might fly)

- CO-OP Insurance (advert Puppy love, Brandy)

- Beco dog supplies (photoshoot 2016)

- ITV (The Next Great Magician) Brandy as Houndini with comedy magicians Young & Strange, Episode 1

- RTL Spektakulaer (documentary about Dogs might fly)

- Channel 5 (Britain's Cleverest Dog)

- PetFace advert 2018 with Rebel

- Company of animals (modelling muzzle, target stick, harness and head collar, shotoshoot 2018) with Rebel

- Julius Baer advert 2018 with Rebel

- JML dog toy photoshoot 2018 with Rebel

- Gtech photo shoot 2018 with Rebel

- Hive advert 2018 with Rebel

- Bayer photo shoot 2018 with Rebel

- Rover photo shoot 2018 with Bea 


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