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  • Hachette Childrens Books (Thursday, November 16 17 11:42 am GMT)

    “They say you should never work with children and animals. Well, we worked with both at a recent children’s book launch and it was a huge success. The dog display was a terrific talking point and there were plenty of delighted ‘ooh!’s and ‘aaah!’s throughout. Highly recommended and even more highly enjoyable.”

  • Production Manager (Friday, November 25 16 10:45 pm GMT)

    We hired Brandy and her handler Kathleen for an Entertainment TV show and both were ultra hard working and a joy to work with.

  • Nefeli Skarmea, Curatorial Assistant (Saturday, October 01 16 10:18 pm BST)

    Art Night London - Brandy playing dead in front of audience, 2nd of July 2016

    Thank you very much for being part of the inaugural edition of Art Night; we were really honored to have 2 perfectly trained dogs for Nina Beier's project.
    Brandy indeed performed incredibly well, both the artist and the curator were absolutely thrilled with her.

  • Ann (Thursday, September 22 16 09:41 pm BST)

    Axis and I had tons of fun doing the Magic Pooch Awards. We learned a lot of new tricks, which was great, and I had quite a few laughs when things didn't go as planned. Your positive and enthusiastic
    comments made it a really special experience. I was very proud when Axis earned level 3!
    Next will be the Magic Pet Award with my horse -;)

  • Steph (Sunday, September 11 16 04:29 pm BST)

    Kathleen and Brandy were the guest stars at my son's birthday party (Paw Patrol themed). We wanted to demonstrate how clever dogs can be. Brandy did not disappoint.

    In a strange house with children ranging between 2 and 12 years, Brandy performed perfectly. She wasn't phased by their chitter chatter or noises and focused entirely on Kathleen to complete all her
    tricks. She didn't appear phased or nervous once and even let the children perform the tricks too, responding to their commands.

    Kathleen is a true professional and had a clear idea of what would work well. She brought a lot of her props with her. She had prepared a set of tricks for Brandy to do and educated the children
    about how Brandy (and other dogs) can learn.

    Kathleen's openness and flexibility was wonderful. She communicated with me regularly and helped me to consider things to prepare.

    The children and all their parents said how wonderful Brandy and Kathleen were. I could not agree more.

    Thank You for all the effort you made Kathleen! And BIG THANKS to Brandy for being the Star she is!

  • Ewa (Saturday, March 21 15 11:04 pm GMT)

    Kathleen is the best dog trainer ever and my dog loves her so mmuch

  • Julia (Tuesday, March 10 15 02:30 pm GMT)

    Thank you for your wonderful site. We enjoyed watching the photos and reading your thoughts. Wish you succeed and proceed your good work! Welcome to our site as well - - here
    you will find quality dog accessories and professional dog training tools. Best regards!

  • Christine (Wednesday, November 27 13 11:26 am GMT)

    I've had dogs all my life and have tried multiple methods to train them.Kathleen's fun approach really helped me teach my dog new tricks.You can see that she is very passionate about her dogs and
    this definitely reflects in her work! Just try for yourself :-D

  • Monica A (Saturday, November 16 13 08:47 pm GMT)

    Love your dog tricks.

  • Glenda Goldberg (Wednesday, November 13 13 09:58 pm GMT)

    Love the videos of your dogs performances. They are so enjoyable and a real pleasure to watch.

  • Kim Mobley (Thursday, September 19 13 09:24 pm BST)

    Hi Kathleen, I love your page.

  • Louise Stapleton-Frappell (Sunday, September 15 13 09:00 pm BST)

    Just wanted to say that I love your page! Some great pictures in the Gallery! To anybody looking at this page wondering whether to start doing tricks with their dog - Do it! You'll have great fun,
    strengthen the bond you share and learn lots of new behaviours!

  • Laura, Chesney and Lola (Friday, May 17 13 07:05 pm BST)

    Hello Kathleen Brandy and Max we are constantly amazed by the tricks and how happy your dogs look doing them! We love to see you in the park, and good luck with your site!

  • Rebecca Nolan (Wednesday, April 17 13 10:43 am BST)

    Kathleen has a wonderful way with dogs - she is both patient and calm which encourages them to give her their best.
    She has done amazing work with her own two dogs who can do great tricks - some that are just clever and some that make you laugh.

  • Gaby Stephens (Thursday, February 28 13 07:53 pm GMT)

    I like your website.
    My dog Gus has fallen in love with Brandy on there walks together!

  • Steffi (Wednesday, February 06 13 09:34 pm GMT)

    Fantastic website and great achievements! You can be so proud of yourself and your doggies :) Truely an inspiration! xxx

  • Alexis F Swain (Friday, December 07 12 04:51 pm GMT)

    I am Kody's "mum", known as "the Dog Helper". Kody helps train anxious/nervous dogs and is eager to please. BUT, he will only do certain tricks for Kathleen and not me - shows one what a great trick
    trainer she is!!

  • Pamela Johnson (Sunday, November 25 12 05:36 pm GMT)

    Your new website looks great! I really like it! Have a nice weekend!

  • Jill (Sunday, November 25 12 08:06 am GMT)

    Hi Kathleen it's lovely to look at your page, and see how much Brandy and Max enjoy their training!

  • Cindy (Sunday, November 25 12 03:26 am GMT)

    Love the website, love the dogs!

  • Kate Popple (Saturday, November 24 12 02:23 pm GMT)

    Very smart site- good luck with your on-going trick training

  • Kelli with TAG & Pompeii, the BOXERS! (Saturday, November 24 12 01:20 pm GMT)

    NICE webpage, kathleen... love the colors/contrasts... easy to navigate!
    GREAT pics/information & the BOXERS look forward following their fellow tricksters, Brandy & Max ((:

  • Caroline Murphy (Friday, November 23 12 11:39 pm GMT)

    Can't wait to come and visit and book in a session next year! I think Tango would love it. Great website and having met Kathleen I just know it will be a lot of fun. Her dogs are amazing! Xxx

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We have done some television/model work for:


- BBC (Game show, Sport Relief's Top Dog, Brandy)

- Thinkbox (advert Doggy Auditions during Britains Got Talent, Brandy & Max) 

- Featureone (Cannes Film Festival, Max, short film with Ewen MacIntosh)

- SKY1 (Dog trainer for Dogs might fly)

- CO-OP Insurance (advert Puppy love, Brandy)

- Beco dog supplies (photoshoot 2016)

- ITV (The Next Great Magician) Brandy as Houndini with comedy magicians Young & Strange, Episode 1

- RTL Spektakulaer (documentary about Dogs might fly)

- Channel 5 (Britain's Cleverest Dog)

- PetFace advert 2018 with Rebel

- Company of animals (modelling muzzle, target stick, harness and head collar, shotoshoot 2018) with Rebel

- Julius Baer advert 2018 with Rebel

- JML dog toy photoshoot 2018 with Rebel

- Gtech photo shoot 2018 with Rebel

- Hive advert 2018 with Rebel

- Bayer photo shoot 2018 with Rebel

- Rover photo shoot 2018 with Bea 


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