Fun Trick Dog Training
Fun Trick Dog Training

Fitness for dogs


I am a FitPaws Master Trainer since December 2015 and soon will be offering fitness classes for dogs!


When doing tricks, agility, obedience or any other dog sports it is important to know whether your dog is fit enough to do the exercises in order to prevent injuries.


Fitness for dogs helps you to see and understand potential problems and helps to achieve a healthier dog.     


See on the left the different levels.


Canine Total Health


  • Mental

Mental fitness brings motivation, persistence, self confidence and a wagging tail to our canine companions   


  • Cardio

Cardiovascular fitness allows better use and delivery of oxygen to working muscles and tissues


  • Balance

Balance fitness prevents injury, improves agility and encourages control of body movements


  • Strength

Strength fitness enables muscles to work with less fatigue and more power


  • Flexibility

Flexibility encourages full range of motion of joints without injury



Whether you are a pet dog owner, have a puppy or an older dog - a FitPaws program can be created for any dog.


I can create your fitness plan for your dog!


Get in contact for more information.   



Fitness set up


Cavalettis, targets, donut, fitbone, peanuts, balance discs, board, stepper, paw pods, platforms, small wobble board, mats

FitPaws Master Trainer course

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Completed and passed the COVID19 Risk Aware Trainer course


****ZOOM classes are on Tuesdays and Wednesdays****






           Trick Dog Displays & stalls

  • June at Raystede (more infos to come)



  • Trick workshop at the Wessex K9 Fun Activity week in Oakhill Radstock nr Bath 

Canine Body Language Instructor with the Dog Training College since July 2020

Certified Dog Parkour Instructor with the International Dog Parkour Association since November 2018 

Force Free Trick Trainer since November 2018

CCFT - Certified Canine Fitness Trainer since July 2017 


since April 2016

Fun Scent Games Intructor since June 2015

Proud member of The Pet Professional Guild British Isles.

I am a member of Talking Dogs Scentwork



We have done some television/model work for:


- BBC (Game show, Sport Relief's Top Dog, Brandy)

- Thinkbox (advert Doggy Auditions during Britains Got Talent, Brandy & Max) 

- Featureone (Cannes Film Festival, Max, short film with Ewen MacIntosh)

- SKY1 (Dog trainer for Dogs might fly)

- CO-OP Insurance (advert Puppy love, Brandy)

- Beco dog supplies (photoshoot 2016)

- ITV (The Next Great Magician) Brandy as Houndini with comedy magicians Young & Strange, Episode 1

- RTL Spektakulaer (documentary about Dogs might fly)

- Channel 5 (Britain's Cleverest Dog)

- PetFace advert 2018 with Rebel

- Company of animals (modelling muzzle, target stick, harness and head collar, shotoshoot 2018) with Rebel

- Julius Baer advert 2018 with Rebel

- JML dog toy photoshoot 2018 with Rebel

- Gtech photo shoot 2018 with Rebel

- Hive advert 2018 with Rebel

- Bayer photo shoot 2018 with Rebel

- Rover photo shoot 2018 with Bea 


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