Fun Trick Dog Training
Fun Trick Dog Training

Reward marker & Clicker

Reward maker is a word such as ‘good’ or ‘yes’ and it is used at the exact moment your dog performed correctly.


The clicker is a useful tool you can use for marking a behaviour. It is a thumb size box with a metal tongue that makes a click-click sound when pressed.


The clicker sound is very short, crisp and distinct and can make a precise instant. Clickers always sound the same and is therefore one of the advantages than your voice.

How to use the clicker

To be able to use the clicker your dog has to charge up the clicker first.


This is done by giving a click and immediately giving a treat. It won’t be long until your dog had made the association that a click means a treat. To charge up the clicker properly the click and treat should be done between 20-30 times.


3 rules for using a clicker or reward marker

  1. Click to mark any behaviour you wish to encourage
  2. Click instantly while the correct behaviour happens (while the dog is in the correct position)
  3. Follow each click by a treat (no multiple clicks)


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            Trick Dog Displays & stalls


  • 12th of May 2019 Barking Mad's Charity Family Fun Dog Show, Battle 
  • 29th June 2019 Raystede Summer Fair, Ringmer, BN8 5AJ 




  • More infos soon

Certified Dog Parkour Instructor with the International Dog Parkour Association since November 2018 

Force Free Trick Trainer since November 2018

CCFT - Certified Canine Fitness Trainer since July 2017 


since April 2016

Fun Scent Games Intructor since June 2015

Proud member of The Pet Professional Guild British Isles.

I am a registered instructor with Dog A.I.D. (Assistance in Disability),

Dog A.I.D. is a registered charity that helps people with physical disabilities train their own dogs. 

I am a member of Talking Dogs Scentwork



We have done some television/model work for:


- BBC (Game show, Sport Relief's Top Dog, Brandy)

- Thinkbox (advert Doggy Auditions during Britains Got Talent, Brandy & Max) 

- Featureone (Cannes Film Festival, Max, short film with Ewen MacIntosh)

- SKY1 (Dog trainer for Dogs might fly)

- CO-OP Insurance (advert Puppy love, Brandy)

- Beco dog supplies (photoshoot 2016)

- ITV (The Next Great Magician) Brandy as Houndini with comedy magicians Young & Strange, Episode 1

- More Than Insurance (Bark in the Park with Brandy & Spike)

- RTL Spektakulaer (documentary about Dogs might fly)

- Channel 5 (Britain's Cleverest Dog)

- Battersea photoshoot 2018 with Bea

- PetFace advert 2018 with Rebel

- Company of animals (modelling muzzle, target stick, harness and head collar, shotoshoot 2018) with Rebel

- Julius Baer advert 2018 with Rebel

- JML dog toy photoshoot with Rebel



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